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The Matrix: Do We Live in a Computer Simulation?

The Matrix: Do We Live in a Computer Simulation? Sven Bohnke, Intern In the motion . . . Read More

Hasan’s Haiku

Hasan's Haikus I hate this weather It is too damn cold up here Winter is coming   The . . . Read More

The Bland Standard: Guardians of the Galaxy

“ A talking racoon and a seven foot tree monster walk into a bar…” As of a few months . . . Read More

Ignorance Was Bliss

by Daniel Carbonella   If you are ignorant of your own ignorance, how will you ever . . . Read More

TXCC Spanish Club: NYC Field Trip, La Gringa

The Tunxis Spanish Club will be traveling to New York City on Saturday, May 3rd to see the . . . Read More


by Daniel Carbonella   One observes another individual acting in a way that is egotistical, . . . Read More

ALUMNI/AE ANNEX: Upcoming Interview with Former New Britain Council Member Matt Dabrowski

by Daniel Carbonella     Alumni Editor, Darren Bruno, of HiA will be interviewing . . . Read More
Humanities Series

Humanities Series Archive

by Daniel Carbonella   In order to memorialize the great Humanities Series of lectures . . . Read More

4th Annual “Short Film Festival” at Tunxis Tonight!

The community is invited to the 4th Annual “Short Film Festival,” at Tunxis tonight . . . Read More

Submit your entries for Tunxis’ Art and Literary Magazine Otto today!

Tunxis CC's Literary Magazine Otto is looking for writing entries of all different genres! . . . Read More
moral compass

POETRY: Pushing Morality Into the Future

by Daniel Carbonella   I neither have the scoop, nor a direct line with the man I . . . Read More

Today at HiA we talked to Dr. George Sebastian-Coleman about the 4/11 7:30 & 4/12 1:30 and 7:30 performances of The Importance of Being Earnest

Today at HiA, we're talking to Dr. George Sebastian-Coleman, Associate Professor of English . . . Read More

Get involved… HUMANITIES SWAG: Community-driven Humanities-centered Comedy

Are you a student at the mysterious Tungsten Carbide College? Or even someone who goes . . . Read More

The Mouse and the Creator

by Daniel Carbonella   They were sad times for me, but I was happy. Any onlooker in . . . Read More

Otto: The Art and Literary Magazine of Tunxis Calls for Submissions

    What is Otto? Otto is a lover of palindromes. It's also the Art and . . . Read More

Leslie Bulion – Children’s Author and Poet

Leslie Bulion will be presenting her children's story "Fatuma's New Cloth." The book is set . . . Read More

International Potluck Supper

This Thursday, March 13th, there will be a potluck supper hosted in the Tunxis cafeteria. Students, . . . Read More

In My Shoes

In My Shoes is a play that addresses the question, "what would it be like to walk in someone . . . Read More

International Trivia Contest

Open to all Tunxis students. Students will compete with questions based on international trivia. . . . Read More